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I’m Judy Wallace, a Christian writer who is passionate about encouraging people to grow in their walk with God.  I studied journalism and creative writing in college.  I later  continued my education by taking writing classes and attending conferences.

I primarily write non fiction,  however,  I’m  currently working on the final draft for my first novel titled Twist of Fate {which will be published by West Bow Press}  My goal is to be flexible enough to write fiction and non-fiction, which will improve my changes of getting published and becoming the writer / author I long to be.

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I live along the beautiful Oregon coast with my husband Ron and our dog Charlie. I enjoy walking on the beach, hiking in the woods, cooking and spending time with friends. I’m very creative and imaginative which is reflected in my writing and favorite hobby paper crafting, which led me to start Creative Inspirations , which was a fun way to network with other crafters, share our love for paper crafting.  But it was only  a hobby. Writing is true my passion and nothing can ever replace it.

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